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Words of Torah from Rabbi David Wexelman

The University of Divinity

December 10 ,2016

To my dear friends all over the world,


The time has finally arrived for all of mankind to receive the Messiah to complete the work of building the kingship of God on earth. According to the Zohar which was written shortly after the destruction of the second holy temple in Jerusalem about 70 CE, there are two Messiahs which will be revealed in the end of time after the resurrection of Moses. The Bible, the Torah, the five books of Moses is the blueprint of creation. The creation of the world is for a period of 6000 years like it says in Genesis, in six days God created the world and in the seventh day he rested. The seventh day corresponds to the seventh millennium when will have already been completed the revelation of God on earth. The first 2000 years there was chaos until the flood which destroyed all of mankind except for Noah and his family. In the second 2000 years is included the giving of the Torah, the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai and the establishment of the Nation of Israel, the building of the two temples until their destruction. The third 2000 years is for the revelation of the Messiah.

Originally the divine plan was that the two Messiahs would be Moses and Elijah the prophet. Because of the sin of the Golden Calf the divine plan was changed. In the new plan first the Jewish people would build their nation in the land of Israel including the two temples in Jerusalem. At the end of the time of the second temple was revealed the first revelation of the Messiah, the resurrection of Jesus. The temple was destroyed and the Jewish people went into exile. The Jewish people following the Torah of Moses rejected Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus brought Monotheism and the Messiah to the world. Afterwards came Mohammed to bring the rest of the world to Monotheism without the Messiah similar to the faith of the Jews. This would create two national religions which were in conflict Judaism and Islam. At the same time Christianity united the whole world with Jesus the Messiah. These religions fought bloody wars for control of the world. They both forced Jews and other people to convert or die. The Jews were still waiting for their Messiah and following the Law of Moses. Finally the Messiah of the Jewish people has been revealed, the Messiah the son of David according to the Zohar the book of splendor.

Jerimiah in Chapter 31 writes that there will be two religious movements in the New Covenant called the seed of the animal and the seed of man. These are the two approaches to worship of the One God which are the ways of Christianity and the way of Islam and Judaism. Through these two approaches of worship the whole world will know God both child and adult. God is revealed in the world in two ways through these two approaches of worship. These religions fought wars between each other claiming to be the only way which was their mistake. Judaism also claimed to be the only way when they ruled the land of Israel for one thousand years. God is one and unknown but he is revealed to man through these two approaches to worship. Man in truth cannot know the essence of God but through these two approaches of worship comes the divine knowledge of the unity of God which is the purpose of all creation, to love God with all your heart, all your soul and might. Just as there are two approaches to receiving the knowledge of God, there are two Messiahs. The Messiah is in the image of God which are the two aspects male and female which are his light and essence. The Messiah is the revelation of the infinite light of God and the second Messiah is a revelation of his essence from where emanates his infinite light. The Messiah is the son, and the Messiah is the mother from where he emanates. Each person has the job to unite these two aspects of God through receiving the Messiah. Through receiving the Messiah you receive eternal life and through living righteously according to the law of God.

The time has come for an end to religious wars. Moses has resurrected and is dancing with Jesus and Mohammed under the holy temple. Through these three prophets has been revealed God to the world. Through these three prophets mankind has come the closest to knowing and loving God that is possible. Israel is the whole world; and Jerusalem is the resting place of God.

Through the revelation of the two Messiahs is revealed the name of God which is peace Shalom and which is truth Emet or as he is called in the east Om Tat Sat.

God is one and his name is One.

Here O Israel, the Lord is your God the Lord is One.

Blessings for all good and joy,

Rabbi David Wexelman

The University of Divinity


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